August 2021


This web site has update reports on the status of Ann's Parkinson's Disease.  It has been designed to be both an information medium and educational tool.

It is a public web site and can be accessed by anyone.


We send update notices to those people who ask for one via the Contact Us tab on the site. 

August 2021 Videos


Videos used with Neurologist Consultation on September 1st, 2021.  Click on images to open video in a new window in your browser. customers.

Ann says a visit to the wardrobe mistress is in order before the next videos.

Walking Outdoors with Cane

Walking in Hallway

Moving in Kitchen

From July 2020


Video of Ann terrorizing shoppers in the garden section - sounds of screaming shoppers removed to avoid offending viewers.


This is the portable automatic folding scooter we use when shopping or just out and about.


Click the image to watch the video in a separate window. 

A blast from the past - once a bikie - always a bikie.

And here is Ann  now

This is the supermarket version of shopping with the portable scooter.